Our surgery department is headed by Dr. Vianna, Diplomate, ACVS. We at VSH are dedicated to helping when you and your pet are in need of the skilled hands of an experienced, knowledgeable surgeon. Our surgical staff approaches each patient with compassion and care and is dedicated to their recovery. We are highly experienced in monitoring the comfort level of your pet and ensuring the most pain-free experience possible. Our highly trained and skilled doctors and nurses provide continuous patient monitoring in surgery and postoperatively with a focus on post surgical pain management. We are particularly experienced in pain and anesthetic management of high risk and critical patients. We offer a full variety of surgical procedures.


Veterinary Surgical Services Include:

♦ Diagnostic radiographs

♦ Fluoroscopy (real-time x-rays)

♦ Myelograms

♦ CT scans

♦ Joint taps

♦ Neurosurgery: Spinal surgery (disc problems), biopsies and other procedures

♦ Arthroscopy: Joint problem diagnosis and treatment and other procedures

♦ Oncologic surgery: limb sparing procedures, biopsies, tumor removal or reduction and other procedures

♦ Orthopedics: Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) for cruciate rupture, fracture repair, triple pelvic osteotomy, circular fixation and other procedures

♦ Soft tissue surgery: Liver and gall bladder surgery, portosystemic shunts, bowel resections, urinary surgery, spleen removal and other procedures

♦ Microsurgery and minimally invasive procedures

♦ Plastic surgery: Wound reconstruction, scar revision, anti-drool surgery, skin surgery (nasal, forehead and vulvar folds) and other procedures

♦ Respiratory surgery: Laryngeal surgery, tracheal surgery, Bull dog respiratory surgery, chest surgery, lung lobe removal, chest wall resections for tumors and other procedures

♦ Cardiac surgery: Heart surgery for congenital defects, pacemaker placement, and other procedures.
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