At the Veterinary Specialty Hospital Neurology and Imaging Center, we believe in trying to create the best possible experience for your pet.  Coming to a strange building with new people can be scary for the average cat or dog.  We employ several techniques to help reduce this stress as much as possible including:

  • We try to maintain a calm atmosphere through our voice, body language, and the volume of any electronic devices.
  • Animals are handled quietly, slowly, and using a calm demeanor at all times. We are dedicated to helping to train our staff in low stress handling techniques for all interactions with your pet.  A nervous pet becomes much more cooperative when we can help them to trust us instead of fear us.
  • In the exam room, we will use aids like yoga mats and cushions for pet comfort. We might also sit on the floor with your pet and use calming touch techniques while we talk together.
  • We will try to make time for resting at night (dimming the lights and making a quieter atmosphere) or have some quality time during the day (time in the sun and grass or snuggling in a lap). This is enjoyable for pets, but also helps them to know that every interaction with a technician or doctor does not result in an injection or treatment – a belly rub can be a very important part of the treatment plan!
  • In our treatment area, we like to play quiet music that is known to help calm animals. The “Through A Dog’s Ear” albums keep us all feeling relaxed and happy.  In addition to this, we might use hormone diffusers, lavender, or other calming scents.
  • When cats come to the hospital, we will do our best to keep dogs out of their path in the waiting area and hallway. Cats are brought to a quiet exam room with the family and allowed to spend time in or out of the carrier as desired by the cat.
  • We do our best to house cats away from noisy dogs or hectic areas so they have time away from scary stimuli. We will also provide beds, blankets, and hide boxes to provide a safe space for nervous cats.
  • We will always work with families to make sure we have the best resting area set up for furry friends including favorite toys, special food, blankets from home, and anything else that might provide comfort to a pet that has to stay with us overnight.

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