What to Expect

The VSH Palm Beach Gardens Neurology Service is committed to providing an excellent experience for you and your pet.  We work closely with board-certified veterinary specialists, experienced staff veterinarians, and licensed veterinary technicians to provide the best care possible.  We are also working all the time to advance the options we have available for families to treat neurologic disease.

Our service is available for evaluation and recheck appointments every week, Monday through Thursday.  We will take that time to evaluate your pet, discuss with you the details of our assessment and recommended plan.  This will usually involve procedures that can be done on the same day, however some procedures may need to be scheduled for the next available time.

Your Visit to the VSH Neurology Service

Upon arriving at the VSH Neurology and Imaging Center, you and your pet will be placed in an exam room by one of our client liaisons.  A service technician will then take your pet’s vital information (like temperature and pulse rate) and briefly review the reason for your visit.  They may also take your pet back to the treatment area to get a weight and sometimes an initial assessment.  After reviewing your veterinarian’s records, the neurologist will then greet you and your pet and perform any other needed physical and targeted neurologic examinations and to discuss pertinent historical details.  The neurologist will then discuss with you the nature of your pet’s illness and options available to address the problem.  Neurology evaluations often include running certain tests which can be time-consuming, so please prepare for a longer visit (typically 2-6 hours, depending on what is recommended).  We may ask that you leave your pet with us during this time so that we may complete our evaluation and provide you with a detailed plan.  We realize that your time is valuable and will do everything possible to address your situation in a timely fashion.  However, we appreciate your understanding that this is a busy hospital and some things will take longer due to high demand for services.  It is also important that we take the time to provide the absolute best care possible for your pet.

Estimates and Payment

Every effort is made to discuss fees prior to and during treatment.  The costs associated with specialized medical care are often a concern for families.  Due to the nature of some medical conditions however, it is not always possible to precisely predict the outcome or associated costs.  If substantial deviation from the treatment plan is anticipated, you will be informed by our staff and a new estimate of costs will be presented to you before any new or additional measures are implemented

Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach Gardens is staffed by people who have pets themselves and understand the deep value of the human-animal bond.  We treat our patients as if they were our own pets and make every effort to keep you well informed and to help you understand what is happening during their time with us.

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