Veterinary Specialty Hospital (VSH)’s MRI suite includes a high-field scanner, 8-channel coil technology and a licensed MRI technologist.

Further, VSH’s image resolution requirements match or exceed what is being done at many human MRI clinics—their commitment to their MRI program is exemplary.

VSH utilizes a high-field MRI scanner and is able to obtain small field-of-view studies that provide optimal resolution.  Moreover, their 1.5 Tesla MRI system performs imaging studies much quicker than the low-field systems that are typically used in veterinary medicine.

VSH’s 8-channel coil technology increases signal-to-noise and allows for faster imaging times.  Additionally, these coils allow for larger areas to be scanned without moving the patient, adding to both the quality and efficiency of the exam.

By utilizing a certified, human-MRI Technologist, with many hours of veterinary experience, VSH is able to provide consistent and safe care to its patients.  The quality images that this professional can reproduce leads to better outcomes while the fast exam times allow VSH to shorten the time each patient is under anesthesia.

When VSH decided to build their Neurological MRI Program, they went “all-in” with the technology and expertise not commonly found in the veterinary space.  VSH takes this seriously and hopes their clients do too!

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