IMG 0237 SVeterinary Laser Therapy In Palm Beach Gardens

The Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach Gardens is proud to offer Class IV laser therapy to our clients as an effective treatment for many cases of acute and chronic pain, inflammation and wound healing. Laser therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatment modalities, and has the benefit of being a drug-free, on-surgical, safe means of providing lasting pain relief.

Laser Therapy uses light to penetrate tissue in a process called photobiostimulation. Studies have shown many clinical benefits, including:

Reduced Inflammation- Laser therapy dilates the blood vessels and stimulates lymphatic circulation, helping to reduce inflammation.

Pain Relief- Laser therapy provides pain-killing, or analgesic effects. It has a direct effect on nerve cells, including suppression of receptors that send pain signals to the brain. It also increases production of endorphins and enkephalins, which are the body’s “natural pain-killers.”

Accelerated Healing- Laser therapy stimulates activity within cells, resulting in increased oxygen, increased production of the energy molecule ATP (adenosine-triphosphate), and increased enzyme production. These actions help tissue to heal more quickly and reduce the formation of scar tissue. Surgical incisions and other injuries benefit from treatment with laser therapy.

Laser therapy has been used in Europe for many years now, and is currently used in the United States to treat humans for everything from sports injuries to rheumatoid arthritis. We are excited to provide this advanced technology to our canine and feline patient. Ask us if your pet might benefit from this affordable, non-invasive, drug-free technology. Your pet will be glad that you did!

Benefits of Laser TherapyVSH laser therapy diagram

Non-surgical, non-invasive
Drug Free
No sedation required
No adverse side effects
Quick and convenient
Immediate results
FDA approved since 2005

What to Expect

No sedation is required for your pet’s laser therapy treatments, which often have a calming effect on our patients. Depending on the condition being treated, most pets exhibit improvement within 12 to 24 hours. For most conditions we recommend a series of treatments, each lasting only about two to eight minutes.


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