August 4, 2017 Veterinarian In Palm Beach Gardens

Intervertebral Disc Disease

Intervertebral disc disease is one of the more common problems we see in veterinary neurology. Sometimes a disc herniation might only cause a sore back or mild wobbliness and other times a dog might become suddenly paralyzed.

For those dogs seriously injured by a disc herniation in the back, we do a surgery called a hemilaminectomy. This allows us to gently remove the herniated disc material and relieve the spinal cord compression. The decompressed spinal cord can now heal and let the paralyzed dog recover walking function over the next few days or weeks. Every dog is different, but most dogs do very well in the long run with this procedure.

Dr. Peters is our board-certified Neurology specialist and is also certified in veterinary neurosurgery. One of her favorite things is helping a paralyzed animal recover the ability to run and play again.