echocardiogramCardiology addresses any abnormalities of the heart, including valvular diseases, cardiomyopathies, pericardial diseases, heart failure, birth defects, tumors, and many others. Your veterinarian may have told you that your pet has a heart murmur. Since such murmurs may indicate serious conditions that benefit from early diagnosis and treatment, it is strongly recommended to seek a cardiology consultation at VSH. This allows us to fully examine the heart using our specialized training and the most technologically advanced equipment in the area to define the nature and type of heart problem suspected in your pet.


pulmonic_sten-1024x898Dr. Bucheler has completed a residency (comprehensive specialty training) in cardiology, and has taught Cardiology to Veterinary Students. Every day, we utilize our expertise and compassion to deliver quality animal health care so that we may continue to provide unparalleled diagnostic, treatment, consultation and surgical services. We have but one goal: to improve the quality of your pet’s life.

Commonly used diagnostics include radiographs, EKG, ultrasound evaluation (echocardiography), and more specialized practices such as contrast doppler studies and intracardiac catheter applications.


♦ Cardiology consultation
♦ Echocardiography
♦ Color Flow Doppler studies
♦ Contrast studies
♦ Cardiac Cath Lab

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